The right accounting and business management software allows you to manage all your tasks easily, quickly and efficiently. Placing you in control of the numbers that make your business run. From your accounting to inventory, year-end closing procedures and everything in between,  systems that enable work to be completed rapidly and by sharing live data, result in reduced mistakes.  

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We specialize in accounting and business management software. From selection process to running smoothly day-to-day and everywhere in between. Today’s businesses rely heavily on their accounting data. That data needs to be healthy, easily accessible, and translatable into meaningful insight. In order to achieve that, the right tools and processes must be in place.

Solutions by Industry 

Industry specific software can have its advantages, however can also be costly and difficult for the SMBtomaintain. Working with software that has industry strengths and flexibilities while offering scalability to help your business grow is what (read more)

Solutions by Software

LogiPME experts have worked with many software solutions for SMB and their niche requirements. From entry level programs to Mid-market solutions, we have a few options to recommend based on your needs. Our expertise (read more)

Services beyond just the tools

The right accounting software is the catalyst to better business. The process used day in and day out within the organization must be efficient. Breathing new life antiquated processes like paper filing, manual and repetitive data entry are a few ways LogiPME provides (read more)

What's right for your business?

The options for accounting and or business management software today are plentiful. Navigating through the options to find the right fit for your company is an important project. LogiPME helps you by first understanding what your (read more)

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Accounting software and business management software consultants with the expertise your business needs. LogiPME is there to help you with the tools needed to run your business in an efficient and cost -effective way. You can trust us to withall of your needs in software selection, training, support and more. 

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