Our team of professional software consultants consists of a network with over 100 years of combined industry experience. We help our clients with small to medium sized businesses optimize their efficiency and productivity to manage their data and overall organizational health. We assist with the selection, setup, training, troubleshooting and on going support for our clients making these long lasting business relationships. Our services extend beyond just holding your hand and out to having your best interest in mind. With our support behind you, we work with you to improve your processes as your needs change and grow, from custom form designs, report writing, software integration and more.

Software Selection

The procurement process of a new accounting or business management software is no longer an easy one. Loke cars there are many options to select from. Understanding your needs, setting realistic expectations and truly understanding your investment in a new solution are part of what goes into the software selection process. Our team can quickly evaluate in one conversation if the software solutions we provide are right for you. From there we move deeper into understanding your requirements and making sure you get to see what the possibilities are for your business in demo software. Working with you to fit your budget and ensuring that a clear and concise project plan is laid out we then work with you to provide a proposal that you can feel confident in considering. We provide guidance and build the foundation during this journey as we move forward with you and your new software solution.


Implementations are well planned out and mindful of your businesses schedule and bandwidth. A good system is highly dependant on how it’s set up so we take the time to understand you environment with it’s strengths and weaknesses in order to work diligently and ensure smooth implementations with minimal interruptions. Providing recommendations and requirements for the best installs, we will work with your IT where needed before, during and after software implementation.


The software developers we partner with provide many resources and learning opportunities throughout the year, both for end users like you, and partners like us. From the beginning LogiPME provides training shortly after implementation and supports your staff through their learning process. Understanding that individuals learn differently, we provide custom training either one on one, in groups and of course remotely.

Troubleshooting & Support

Often in the first phases are when most issues are unearthed and quickly resolved however from time to time, errors happen – it is software after all -. When it happens, your company needs to know that support is available as fast as possible. LogiPME is dedicated to providing immediate support with a maximum response time of 24 hours. We are in good standing and have excellent support from out development partners as well as our network of peers. Help is always available and it’s reliable.

Custom Forms & Reports

While the software solutions we provide are equipped with robust management reports and filtered grids which can easily be exported to excel, sometimes custom reports are required in order to meet the needs of the organizations and the individual roles that lay within. In depth analysis and comparisons from across multiple data sets and automated system checks with timely distribution to the necessary people. We work with you to create all your company’s system generated documents the way you want them to look from the beginning and easily maintain them when necessary.


Our network of partners and developers extends into enhancements to the already powerful existing programs we sell and support. For those businesses who require custom applications or niche solutions, we partner with our industry peers to ensure that any integration you consider provides the same gold standard experience you’ve had with LogiPME.

The right accounting software is the catalyst to better business. The process used day in and day out within the organization must be efficient. LogiPME is there to assist our clients every step of the way. Reliable, responsible, trustworthy and excellent service is what our clients have come to know and what you can expect.

To understand where to begin and get an idea of what our rates are, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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