Solutions By Industry

Every industry has its unique standards and processes. Often with industry specific software solutions, the focus is on one function that only resolves a single need. Core accounting and other necessary components and features are often inadequate, or the software heavily replies on limited imports from third party solutions.  The software solutions we provide are capable of handling your overall business requirements without sacrificing functionality or breaking the bank.

Having over 20 years experience in providing successful services to a variety of industries, we specialize in providing realistic and affordable solutions that meet your industry needs and not leave behind the other facets of your business.  


Having worked with companies who manufacture goods from start to finish, LogiPME knows that the right software must be able to track the phases of your builds while maintaining accurate data on all the costs, pieces and people working day-to-day, piece-by-piece. Important features like units of measure, manufacturing floor tracking, inventory accuracy, cost of raw goods, serialized tracking and so much more need to exist in a well-oiled machine. Because manufacturing can be very unique, we spend the time necessary with your company to fully understand your manufacturing intricacies and establish if our solutions will work for you. To speak with us further on how we service our manufacturing clients, click here.

Wholesale / Distribution

Managing large amounts of inventory calls for strong operational functionality in a software solution. LogiPME solutions provide unlimited SKU management, multiple inventory cost methods and pricing, multi-currency, lot tracking, warehouse management and more. Our experts work with your people to ensure that proper set up and training are provided when implementing new tools to address the complexities and many moving parts of this sector. Integrated eCommerce solutions and client portals are more and more a part of today’s wholesale and distribution requirements and can be achieved with the right tools and plan in place. Click here to speak with us further on how we service our wholesale and distribution clients.

Service & Repair  

Managing work orders, assets and parts is only half of what is needed in the right solution for the service and repair industry.  However the "heavy-duty" add-on solution doesn't quite fit the needs of the SMB repair shop. Often the add-ons to entry level software add more complexity than advertised. When multiple excel spreadsheets, and limited inventory has no integration to work orders, this no longer fits the needs of the service & repair shop.  LogiPME has worked with a variety of service and repair businesses and understands their need for a strong yet affordable business management solution. To learn more about which solution is right for your business click here.

Not For Profit 

Aside from the crucial need to have accurate reports to various board members, ministries, funders, donors and more, not-for profits need solutions that can offer more benefit while keeping costs low within the organization. Contemporary solutions such as automation, desk-top report access for individual organization members, document management and paperless transactions, member logins and more are all ways to help the organization run more efficiently, lower costs, stay in communication and keep track of budgets and deadlines. Learn more how affordable a solution can be for the Not For Profit when working with LogiPME.

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